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Corolla delle ginestre ,

The area that includes the municipalities of Brisighella, Casola Valsenio and Riolo Terme covers the hilly and mountainous region of the province of Ravenna and extends from of foothills around Faenza to the border with Tuscany. The route goes through the Romagna's Chalk Vein Park ( 6,000 ha ), that protects one of the most important sites of Apeninnes. The Vein, 20Km long from Imola to Brisighella, has spectacular gypsum cliff facing the south, such as the Riva di San Biagio or the impressive Monte Mauro (517 m) and a wide system of caves ( tours in Tanaccia and King Tiberious ) and other karst habitats. It is an area only recently discovered by tourism and is developing along the lines of a respectful relationship with the environment and the historical and architectural heritage, thus making it possible to enjoy what the area has to offer without damage. Is it in the context that the "Corolla delle Ginestre" guides hiking, horse trekking and mountain bike enthusiasts along itineraries that make it possible to fully approciate the riches of the environment. Discovering and appreciating not only what is pleasing to the eye but also the fragrances and sounds of a surprisingly varied landscape in terms of nature and the history, work and way of life of man. The 55 km approximately, signposted by the "Corolla" can be done either totally or in part in one or more days taking advantage of the services provided by the accomodation facilities located along the route.

For maps and depliant ask at the reception.

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