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MTB & Gravel Trail

The patent cycle "Romagna4bike Mtb trail" the new project dedicated to the riders, realized by the Imola-Faenza Tourism Company.

The round route, of medium difficulty, is dedicated to mountain bikes and develops along 205 km in the heart of the hilly territory of the Municipalities of Riolo, Faenza and Imola. It crosses the Regional Park of the Chalk's vein, the historic villages of Dozza and Brisighella and touches other historical beauties such as the Ceramics Museum of Faenza, the bridge of the Alidosi of Castel del Rio, the garden of the medicinal herbs of Casola Valsenio, the Rocca and the Terme di Riolo. The route develops on mixed tracks (dirt roads, paths and asphalted roads) that can be traveled all year round and in any weather conditions between hills, gullies and woods in the Regional Park of Chalk's vein. It is possible to start from any point located along the route, the important thing is to close the ring passing through the five checkpoints positioned at the Imola racetrack, Castel del Rio, Monte Mauro, Fontana Moneta and at Mic (ceramic museum) of Faenza, to demonstrate to have traveled the entire route.

Just the certification mode of the "Romagna4bike Mtb trail" is unique and very technological. Thanks to the Geo-IF App (free download on your smartphone from Apple and Android)

it is possible to download the track on Gps or Smartphone and organize the stages in complete autonomy, according to the degree of physical preparation and time available.

The Geo-IF App electronically verifies each control point without stopping, thanks to hidden sensors (which activate the smartphone's bluetooth), positioned in the five control points with a detection range of over 50 meters. The patent has a cost of 15 euros and to start your adventure, you must register on the website, accept the rules, download the tracks and the Geo-IF App

which supports the patent with related related services. Upon enrollment you will receive the "Romagna4bike" kit consisting of a roadbook, a map of the territory and a small gadget. The final award for the achievement of the "patent" can be withdrawn in the IAT offices of the territory and at the IF headquarters of the Imola racetrack.

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