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Faenza, a city of Etruscan-Roman origins, ii known worldwide for its ceramics whose ancient tradition dates back to the 12th century and reached a peak of artistic significance during the Renaissance.

The tradition and culture of ceramics remain the vital hub of modern Faenza with its International Ceramics Museum containing splendid collections of objects from all epochs and countries, its several artist's, its school that have trained artists and technicians for the ceramics industry all over the world,

its international artistic and craft events on the historical and contemporary production of majolica.

But Faenza isn't only ceramics. It's a city embellished by architectural and urbanistic features of high interest, such as the splendid Cathedral ( one of the most outstanding expressions of Reinassance art in Romagna ) , the two harmonious squares in the centre, the 18th century Palazzo Milzetti with its interior decorated in refine neoclassical tempera and the elegant Masini Theatre, designed and built by Giuseppe Pistocchi in the second half of 18th century.

Cultural events and trade fairs throughtout the year, spectacular and sporting events, all find their ideal backdrop here. There are elegant shops and, for gastronomic pleasure, fine restaurant both in the centre and in the green and gentle hills that surround the city.

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