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Places to be discovered along winding roads dotted with lavender bushes and brooms. Suggestive itineraries, in the green heart of the Apennines, lead, along streams and churches, to heights dominated by ancient towers. Here nature is the most precious jewel adorned with the colors, scents and flavors of herbs and fruits that Casola has never forgotten.

Located in the heart of the Romagna Apennines. it can be reached by going up the Senio Valley, along a suggestive road that branches off among gentle hills worked in ordered rows of vines. Casola Valsenio constitutes, together with Brisighella and Riolo Terme. the mountainous part of the province of Ravenna thus presenting the culture, economy, environment and costumes typical of the Romagna Apennine. The rediscovery and preservation of the various medicinal and aromatic species characterize the entire locality, offering natural glimpses of rare beauty. Among the most evocative, those offered by the panorama that can be admired of the Rocca di Monte Battaglia, or those drawn by the lilac backgrounds of the " Lavender Road ". The latter leads to the extraordinary "Augusto Rinaldi Ceroni" Herb Garden, where more than 400 species of medicinal plants are preserved and preserved. Not far from Casola stands the "Cardello", the first guesthouse of the abbey of Valsenio and, in the nineteenth century, the home of the Faenza writer Alfredo Oriani. For nature lovers, this location also offers the possibility of making interesting excursions in the Apennine, such as the one to the spectacular Venadel Gesso Romagnola Park. For lovers of food and wine and typical products, we recommend the officinal herbs and wines of Romagna, including Sangiovese doc and I'Albana docg.

Casola valsenio

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