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casola valsenio

a location just waiting to be discovered, travelling along winding roads dotted with bushes of lavander and broom. Suggestive itineraries in the green heart of the Apennines lead to hills dominated by ancient towers, running alongside watercourses and parish churces. Here nature is the most precious jewel, enhanced by the colours, scents and flavours of herbs and fruit that Casola has never forgotten.

Casa Museo "Il Cardello" :

A noble building where the writer Alfredo Oriani spent almost all his life. Originally it served as guestquarters for the 10th century Abbey of Valsenio but the building today , extensively re-done in 1926, is only partly faithful to the orginal. The interior still bears the stamp , given it by Oriani, of a Romagnol gentleman's home. The grounds are especially beautiful.

Il Giardino delle Erbe " Augusto Rinaldi Ceroni " :

The "Augusto  Rinaldi " A permanent show in the open fields of aromatic , medicail and oil cosmetic herbs. Having a perfumery and an extremely well stocked scientific library ,it is used for experimentation and teaching. 

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