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Cave of King Tiberius

The cave of King Tiberius is the terminal part of a vast system of natural cavities that has an overall development of over 6 km and a vertical drop of 223 meters.

The caves are developed on several levels: the galleries placed at higher altitudes have been abandoned by the waters following the progressive lowering of the Senio.

The water, by melting the chalky rock, has thus generated a vast underground network of tunnels, passages, wells and rooms which, apart from the tourist stretch , are generally difficult to pass through.

The mining activity, both underground and outside, has intercepted the caves in several points, partially destroying them and altering the underground path of the waters that now return to daylight through a quarry tunnel.

It is located in the Vena del Gesso romagnola, an extraordinary rocky bastion consisting mainly of a "monomineralic" rock, gypsum (calcium sulphate) .....

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Tutti i video

Tutti i video

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