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The valleys of the Santerno, Senio, Sintria and Lamone that cut through the Apennines in the western part of Romagna are intersected by the Gypsum Vein of Romagna about ten kilometres before they reach the plain. The vein consists of a ridge of calcium sulphate, variously crystallised

and is stratified in imposing walls that outcrop for a lenght of about twenty kilometres with a width that never exceeds one kilometres, passing through the territories of various municipalities that include also Riolo Terme.

This gypsum-sulphurous feature has influenced the formation of the surrounding landscape due to its size and composition, the extraordinary variety in its morphology and the typifying flora and fauna, producing a favourable influence on the microclimate of the four valleys and also leaving its mark in history and the life of man. It is a natural and historical asset that offers surprises and fascination for the excursionists who walk the path of the park.

For other informations in the hotel are available maps & depliants.

Park of the Gypsum Vein of Romagna

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